Accelerating Demand: 28% Lead Conversion Rates

Oracle/Intel/HP Alliance: Lead Generation Campaign

HP America’s field marketing team thought of an innovative approach to generating leads for the joint Oracle/Intel/HP Alliance: a traveling roadshow with a live demo. On The Mark was hired to help implement the events because of our broad marketing acumen and familiarity with both HP and Oracle products. We worked closely with the overall program manager and content experts on whatever was needed, whenever it was needed, including:

  • Messaging and roadshow presentation creation
  • Coordination of and across multiple sub-teams
  • Creation of a business-based version of the technical demo
  • Budget process management across three companies
  • Multiple tactical elements:
    • Hotel contract review and approval
    • Signage
    • Giveaways
    • Coordination of the field marketing groups responsible for hosting each event
  • Content generation, writing, review, and approval of external communication vehicles:
    • Email
    • Direct marketing
    • Telemarketing scripts
    • Field communications
  • Follow-up activities including process and content guideline creation

The results speak for themselves:

  • 15 cities visited
  • 1,381 registrants; 395 high-level IT customers attended
  • 111 qualified leads; a conversion rate of over 28%!!
  • 100% of the completed follow-on workshops moved to the proof-of-concept stage
  • Phenomenal feedback from, and momentum within, HP, Oracle, and Intel
  • The platform and successful blueprint is being leveraged for several on-going and future activities

"Due very much to On The Mark's broad business acumen, in four short months we have numerous hot leads which could potentially bring us millions in revenue. On The Mark's strategic sense and tactical drive were critical to our program." Hewlett-Packard, U.S. Alliance Marketing Manager

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