The Speed of Launch: “Unprecedented” Results in Only Three Months

Jamcracker: Company Launch Strategy, Plan, and Execution

Jamcracker’s original goal was to become the primary online aggregator of applications for small and medium-sized businesses. Today they enable organizations to manage and deliver their own cloud services and broker third-party providers.

When Jamcracker was just a few months young, KB Chandrasekhar hired On The Mark to:

  • Launch Jamcracker into the market as the next generation ‘super-ASP’ visionary
  • Create awareness of Jamcracker’s service delivery model and offerings
  • Attract the best talent in the industry

On The Mark led and managed internal employees and external vendors to successfully complete a high-impact launch in less than three months. The in-depth communication strategy, messaging, and team leadership provided by On The Mark produced impressive results:

  • 26 press meetings prior to launch date
  • 11 industry analyst meetings prior to launch date (all analysts agreed to speak with press)
  • Coverage in 14 publications on launch day
  • 300,000+ web hits and 4,400+ web visits on launch day
  • 60+ resumes by the second day of the launch
  • 120+ partner inquiries during the first week of launch
  • Coverage in 30+ publications within 30 days of the launch
  • Complete set of sales enablement tools

"On The Mark was able to turn a frenetic, fuzzy but exciting idea into a market message that was compelling and substantial. They understood the strategy and delivered a launch that was unprecedented.”
Jamcracker CFO

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